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The Spoken Words of Leadership are About HOPE

Today more than ever, we need a leader to provide HOPE – Helping Other People Excel. People are willing to stand beside, behind or even risk their lives and stand in front of a leader who serves up HOPE for those he or she is charged with leading. This article is one...

Why Marketing Is The Key To Sustainable Business Success

Businesses without marketing strategies may save money, but they operate at a distinct disadvantage. Why companies, businesses and entrepreneurs market in CORE Magazine CORE Magazine is more than a publication with articles and illustrations covering business,...

Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams and Listen to the Gestures of Your Dreamers

Hey Champions, Are you a dreamer? Have you acted on your dreams? Do you have dreamers all around you but haven’t taken the time to listen? I’m a dreamer. When I was nine years old, I dreamed about playing Major League Baseball. When I was 10 years old, my South Ward...

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Awesome! The magazine is inspiring and gets to the CORE of issues and events happening in the world. bo, keep providing this vital information through this magazine from an exceptional man that delivers his stories and experiences straight from the CORE!

CORE Magazine is designed to speak to everyone who desires to be a champion in every facet of life. Both a digital and print-on-demand publication, engaging stories uniquely target a well-read, diverse audience of business owners, sports enthusiasts, forward-thinking leaders aspiring growth and those who want to make a difference in the lives of others through their philanthropic platforms.

CORE Magazine showcases thoughtful, inspirational stories and give readers unparalleled access to a breadth of leaders in and out of sports by way of deeply reported, transparent interviews.

CORE Magazine does that by focusing intently on the coverage of its CORE 5: Business, Sports, Leadership, Philanthropy and Marketing. Within those areas are business insight, professional development, leadership advice and a value shopper’s advertisement hub.

CORE Magazine is more than a magazine; it’s a pathway forward to your champion life.

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