Hello, champions,

Professional women of power empowering people: That’s what CORE Magazine Q4 issue is all about.

The past year has posed a challenge to just about everything, and breast cancer prevention is no exception. As we approach the end of what has been a post-COVID recovery year for so many people, I’m honored to use CORE Magazine to shine a bright light on a different type of recovery: a recovery for those currently battling cancer … those who have undetected cancer who will soon begin their fight and recovery … people and their families who one day will fight the battle and need support from every angle. With that as the backdrop as I write this letter in October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I want the Q4 issue to be an angel for women. To that end, CORE has partnered with Angels Surviving Cancer to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.

It has been my honor for the past three years to personally support breast cancer awareness by helping women get access to the education, screening and support they need. This year, I want to champion Breast Cancer Awareness Month by partnering with Angels Surviving Cancer to do even more.

This partnership will continue my efforts and also provide an opportunity for our CORE family to help as well. With Angels Surviving Cancer on the cover of the Q4 issue, CORE Magazine will donate $5 to Angels Surviving Cancer for every digital subscription and print magazine sold from now until December 1, 2021. Help us support this breast cancer survivorship organization whose mission is to enlighten, empower, encourage and educate the community about breast health awareness while equipping those fighting the disease with a sense of control and the motivation to maintain their quality of life.

Many women are truly unable to afford mammography services. Funds donated to Angels Surviving Cancer services allow the non-profit to reach vulnerable women who are falling through risky cracks. Whether this leads to a cancer diagnosis that can now be successfully treated or provides peace of mind that there is no evidence of cancer, we can change someone’s life for the better.

Here’s an overview of the Q4 2021 feature stories, each showcasing women of power empowering people:

  • APEX of Sports: Proven Diversity & Inclusion Officer Michele Meyer-Shipp, Builds a Legacy of Driving Impact – By interviewer and contributing writer Debbi Taylor
  • APEX of Leadership: Martine J. DeVoe, A Business Influencer With A Personal Touch For Success! – By interviewer and contributing writer Debbi Taylor
  • APEX of Business: Jarneen Brown, attorney liaison at Atlanta Injury Center and owner of Get Fit By J – By interviewer and contributing writer JR Gamble
  • Ball2Business: Nikki Fargas, WNBA Las Vegas Aces president of basketball operations – By interview and contributing writer JR Gamble
  • Champions4Causes: Janice Workcuff, founder & executive director of Angels Surviving Cancer Inc., in partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – By interviewer and contributing writer Debbi Taylor
  • ME2me: Christine Handy, breast cancer survivor, model and best-selling author – By interviewer and contributing writer Debbie Taylor

This issue is also chock full of several timely and intriguing special reports. 

  • Why Your Credit Matters – By Moncy Hawkins, founder & CEO of Fig Restoration LLC
  • Home Buying 101 – by Farha Northover, co-founder & CEO of Community Engagement at Mortgage First Direct Inc.
  • CORE Healthy Living in partnership with Isagenix – By contributing writer Bridgett Romo

Early detection is so important! Thank you to Janice Workcuff, founder & executive director of Angels Surviving Cancer, and her incredible team for all you do to make a positive impact in the greater Houston area. Help us support this amazing organization of women in action, helping women win their battle against breast cancer. 

As you read these stories about champions, I encourage you to reflect back on your own life and ask yourself if you’ve set your bar high enough. Striving to achieve anywhere near what these phenomenal leaders have achieved will prevent anyone from sitting idle and immediately positioning oneself inside the arena with those who possess a growth mindset.

The editor-in-chief is out! Remember, early detection is the best protection!