Author: Elizabeth Fordham

Jennifer Altman, Pillsbury Law Firm – Forks in the Road and Legal Trailblazing

Hanging chads were a relative unknown to the American public until the 2000 race for the United States presidency between Texas Governor George W. Bush and incumbent Vice President Al Gore. Incompletely punched votes – hanging chads – resulted in a high-stakes legal dispute to determine whether 9,000 ballots in Miami-Dade County that registered no vote for president should be hand-counted…

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Bill Parcells – Six Words for a Lifetime

Six words have rung true throughout Bill Parcells’ life. From his early days in youth sports, to his high school and college years as a 6’2” athlete, “I’m here to help you succeed” were words Parcells heard time and again…

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2023 CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today

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2024 CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today

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