Hello Champions,

Champions. It feels great to say that word.

Can you believe CORE Magazine is wrapping up year two of publishing heartwarming stories that depict the true essence of being a champion? It’s been an amazing journey, and an exciting future awaits!

As I reflect on the magazine’s past two years, the first thought that pops into my mind is telling: Champions are willing to grind for the shine, but being a champion is not for everyone.

Here’s why.

Everyone wants to shine, but not everyone wants to polish. You can be sure there’s a deep grind that precedes a champion’s bright, shining light. That deep grind takes place in the dark. Without an audience. But with conviction. And determination. That’s why I’m proud to continue CORE Magazine’s quest to give readers a pathway to those shining lights with stories that dive deep into the footnotes of the deep grind of true champions.

As the founder of CORE Multimedia Group, I’m proud, humbled and honored that CORE Magazine has reached more than 1.5 million readers – and counting. Engaging feature stories have opened closed eyes, touched hearts and changed minds. I stepped into the media space with a mission to use CORE’s platform as a change agent for all that is good, and the power of the written word about true champions has been amazing, gratifying and life-changing.

CORE Magazine’s 2022 Q2 issue features three long-standing professionals at the pinnacle of excellence. Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker joined the 2000 Win Club as a Major League Baseball manager. Mellody Hobson became the first Black woman with an ownership stake in a National Football League team when she purchased a minority share of the Denver Broncos. Judge Carlos Moore, who is wrapping up his duties, has served as the President of the National Bar Association for many years. Each of these individuals has inspiring stories that span over many decades. We can agree that occupying a post for many years is admirable, and we also can agree that their never-before-witnessed accomplishments have raised the bar.

As you read these stories about champions, I encourage you to reflect back on your own life. Have you set the bar high enough? … aimed for the stars? … never sat idle … positioned yourself inside the arena with those who possess a growth mindset?

Shine. Polish. There’s a champion awaiting if you want to shine and are willing to polish. Be the champion you were born to be.