Dear Black Queens, 

CORE Magazine is here to tell you how brilliant, bold, and beautiful you are. 

The black woman has always embodied royalty, strength, and leadership. Need I remind you that the unyielding spirit that shattered the chains of slavery and guided us into freedom was led by a black woman? Mrs. Harriet Tubman, an iconic figure of her time, selflessly led men, women, and children out of slavery in the early 19th century. Her courageous efforts became a cornerstone upon which the power and resilience of black women were built.

Black women have signified their legacy by setting high bar standards and being the originators of advancements and enhancements. Their innovation has touched our daily existence by creating essential items such as the hot comb, hair straightener, and various hair care products that continue to enhance the lives of others. Their inventiveness extended to essential household items such as the ironing board and the first home alarm system. 

Black women are far more than society may have perceived many years ago and have risen above the limitations imposed upon them. They have not allowed societal limitations or prejudice to define or corral them; instead, they’ve charted their path to empowerment and have essentially become the waymakers. 

As CORE Magazine unveils this magical list of Black women highlighted in the 2024 CORE 100 Blacks Woman of Impact & Influence special issue, this collage of champions is further proof of the growth and brilliance of Black women. The 100 honorees in this special issue will inspire generations because they have redefined their high water marks. Black women have ascended to the apex in every career choice and profession and deserve to be showered with roses for the excellence they represent. The fourth edition of the CORE 100 celebrates trailblazing women shaping the future with brilliance and dedication. 

Among them is Dionne Randle, the mastermind behind MOD Realty, a five-star real estate brokerage firm in Houston, TX. Randle and her team are renowned for their exceptional customer service that surpasses client expectations.

Dr. Alexis McClerkin is a distinguished chiropractor and Family Nurse Practitioner who advocates for women’s health and champions holistic wellness. Her practice optimizes patient health and recovery through a comprehensive approach to well-being.

DeDe McGuire, the indomitable voice of radio, has graced the airwaves for over a decade. As the hardest working woman in radio, her nationally syndicated morning show educates and entertains millions, setting a new standard in broadcasting.

Dr. Kiesha King’s transformative work in technology education has had a nationwide impact. Her unwavering passion and advocacy are reshaping the educational landscape, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives.

Kara Willis-Egwuatu of The Law Office of Kara K. Egwuatu PLLC is a fearless family lawyer. Her collaborative, solutions-based approach addresses sensitive situations with individualized action plans that offer hope and resolution.

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a renowned life coach whose influential voice in media and academia has driven positive social change. Her commitment to providing essential resources enriches lives and fosters community growth.

Dr. Tanya Clarke, a board-certified internal medicine physician, empowers her patients with robust healthcare plans and promotes active and healthy lifestyles. Her compassionate, preventative, and evidence-based care serves the community with excellence.

Maria Taylor is a powerhouse sports broadcast journalist who redefines prime-time hosting. Her ability to captivate audiences across high-stakes platforms sets her apart as a leading figure in sports media.

Judge Wanda Adams, a dedicated public servant, created Beyond the Bench initiatives to uplift everyday citizens. This Houstonian prioritizes enhancing the quality of life for those less fortunate, demonstrating a profound commitment to community service.

Dr. Traci Lynn embodies resilience and perseverance. As an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, she inspires audiences to harness their gifts to build wealth and create lasting success.

As you read these stories about champions, I encourage you to reflect on your life and ask yourself if you’ve set your bar high enough. Striving to achieve anywhere near what these phenomenal women have achieved will prevent anyone from accepting anything less than excellence and immediately positioning oneself inside the arena with Champions Of Real Excellence.

With honor, joy, and sincere gratitude, I say “Congratulations” to the 2024 CORE 100 Black Women of Impact & Influence. Each of you exuded regal energy throughout our interviews. You all have moved many mountains and shattered countless glass ceilings. If anyone in the world needs to see, hear, and understand more about the brilliance, boldness, and beauty of the Black woman, they need not look any further than the 100 magnificent women highlighted in this special issue of CORE Magazine. Their stories are inspiring and invigorating and will leave a lasting impact on its readers — as the founder of CORE Magazine, I want to personally thank you all for sharing your Black Woman’s magic. 

The editor-in-chief is out, but I will leave you all with this final shoutout to our Black Queens: A blessing from God is the black woman; a prayer answered is a black queen.

Bo Porter 
Founder & CEO