Hello Champions,

This issue honors and highlights the nation’s oldest and largest network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges.

CORE Magazine has entered a new partnership with the National Bar Association Annual Power 50 Awards. The recent announcement was made jointly with Judge Carlos E. Moore, the 79th president of the National Bar Association (NBA), as they hosted their first NBA Power 50 Awards Luncheon during the 97th Annual Convention week.

“I am excited about the National Bar Association partnership with CORE Magazine because we share the same ‘core’ values,” said President of the NBA, Judge Carlos E. Moore. “We believe in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice for all. We both celebrate and applaud Black excellence. I could have no better partner to launch the NBA Power 50 Awards.”

Noon on July 27 at the Renasant Convention Center, the NBA family highlighted America’s most influential Black judges and lawyers holding over twenty years of experience. These individuals are the epitome of the NBA’s mission to advance the administration of justice, preserve the independence of the judiciary, and among other actions, protect the civil and political rights of the citizens and residents of the United States regardless of race, sex, or creed.

To further celebrate these powerful and successful honorees at the Luncheon, this five-year partnership includes annually featuring the Power 50 Honorees in CORE’s Q3 publication. The NBA’s most influential names and their many accomplishments will be highlighted throughout this special publication.

The NBA has proven footprints worthy of the highest of honors, and the Power 50 Honorees represent those At the Pinnacle of Excellence. It is our distinguished pleasure to transcend what was founded in 1925 as a voice for the voiceless into the voices for all that is good for humanity.

This year’s Power 50 honorees include but are not limited to the following distinguished individuals: Benjamin Crump, Esq., Jackie Patterson Esq., Gwendolyn Young Reams Esq., Terris Harris Esq., Rodney Barganier Esq., Judge Monica Purdy, Judge Demetrius Shelton, Tamara Lawson Esq., and Judge Robin Pittman.

In closing, the NBA is the nation’s oldest and largest network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges. CORE’s mission has always been to highlight and promote Champions Of Real Excellence. Those who walk the walk and model themselves as examples for humankind. I’m truly honored to have CORE Magazine partner with the National Bar Association Inaugural Power 50 Awards.