Massy Arias, born on November 23, 1988, in the Dominican Republic, is a fitness influencer, certified personal trainer, and entrepreneur. Widely known as “MankoFit,” Massy has become a prominent figure in the fitness industry, inspiring millions around the globe with her holistic approach to health and well-being. Massy’s journey began with her move to the United States at 14, where she faced personal challenges related to her health and self-esteem. Determined to transform her life, she immersed herself in fitness and embraced a healthier lifestyle. Massy’s dedication led her to become a certified personal trainer, channeling her experiences into a mission to empower others on their fitness journeys.

Massy Arias gained immense popularity as a social media sensation on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Her authenticity, infectious energy, and commitment to promoting a balanced lifestyle have earned her a dedicated following. Massy’s content spans diverse workout routines, nutritional guidance, and motivational messages, catering to individuals of all fitness levels. In addition to her online presence, Massy founded “Tru Supplements,” a fitness supplement company emphasizing transparent and high-quality ingredients. Through Tru Supplements, Massy aims to provide her community with products that support their fitness goals while prioritizing overall well-being. Massy Arias continues to break barriers and challenge stereotypes in the fitness world. Her commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive fitness community has made her a role model for those seeking physical transformation and mental and emotional empowerment.