Summer Knowles is a multi-award-winning journalist and expert storyteller with over two decades in broadcast media. Her dedication to credible, reliable, and authentic journalism has earned her a reputation as a trusted source of information. Summer’s impactful storytelling has shed light on critical issues, giving voice to marginalized communities, and earned her prestigious accolades, including five Edward R. Murrow awards. One of her most notable works, “Project Community: Crusade for Change,” focused on the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic death and the impact of race on perceptions of police. Summer’s commitment to journalism is matched by her dedication as a proud wife and mother, an advocate for moms dealing with postpartum challenges, and a fitness enthusiast.

Beyond her professional achievements, Summer is a role model who champions authenticity and empowerment. Her decision to embrace her natural beauty on air by ditching wigs and hair extensions has inspired countless young girls and women to do the same. With nearly 100K views on her Facebook page, her story has resonated widely, affirming the importance of confidence and self-acceptance. Summer believes in the power of hard work, planning, and a strong support network to achieve almost anything. Her mission extends beyond her career; she aims to reconstruct the narrative around what women can succeed in their careers and personal lives, leaving a lasting impact on the dreams and aspirations of the next generation.