Dr. Kiesha King is a passionate advocate for ethical technology practices in education and serves as T-Mobile’s Senior National Education Administrator. She leads a groundbreaking $10.7 billion program and national education strategy for T-Mobile. With a 20-year career deeply rooted in serving and reshaping the educational landscape, Dr. King’s impact is undeniable.  

As a five-time published Forbes author with a readership of over three million, Dr. King’s written contributions enlighten critical issues where technology and education intersect. Her work extends beyond words as she leads national education strategy efforts for K-12 and Higher Education, passionately championing inclusive, innovative, and equitable learning environments. 

Dr. King’s remarkable achievements include being honored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for her pivotal role in bridging the digital divide and advancing digital equity. Her work has directly impacted over 5.3 million students, ensuring their access to student connectivity and computing devices. In addition to her professional accolades, Dr. King actively engages with and advocates for children’s needs through her Board service, ensuring that their voices are at the forefront of technology and education advancements.  

Dr. Kiesha King’s remarkable journey is a testament to her tireless dedication and the profound impact she has on millions of lives through her writing, advocacy, and commitment to shaping a brighter future for learners worldwide.