From stage and film to commercial, this native of Fort Worth does it all. While in middle school, Missy embraced and discovered that she was a natural in dramatic arts and entertainment. As an adult, Missy studied Acting and Theater Arts at TCJC and Casa Manana and attended private acting classes and group workshops in L.A.

She is best known for the character “Tasha” in the award-winning stage play “Creeps and Silly Women.” She put the swag as the character “Missy” in “Shattered Faith” and “You Got What Wanted but Lost What You Had,” which were written and directed by multi-award-winning Playwright Evelyn Jones-Reed. Most recently, in (2022), Missy portrayed the role of “Missy’ in “White Lies,” written by her good friend Claudia Jordan.

This multi-talented actress has performed on big and small stages in TV commercials, short films, and movies while maintaining her passion for fashion. Missy is a licensed hair and makeup stylist and has been featured in Essence Magazine and Munaluchi Bride for her work with celebrity athletes.

Outside of acting and styling, Missy is a God-fearing family woman, loving mother, and glam mom.