This chemical engineer turned real estate giant has had a remarkable story. While being a full-time chemical engineer, Janel Wilson used loans and credit cards to stop my dad’s property from being demolished and sold at auction. After going through the usual ups and downs of the renovation process, Jhanel completed the project and began cash flowing, immediately seeing the power of real estate.

Like many, Jhanel started her journey with FHA loans, but once she was stopped by the many restrictions, she went looking for answers. She discovered that buying properties through an LLC using business credit was the way to scale her portfolio. Using this strategy led her to financial freedom at the age of 30.

Today, Jhanel is the Founder and CEO of The Savvy REI with an eight-figure portfolio and on a mission to share her 18+ years of hard lessons and personal strategies to help others understand, master, and succeed with real estate investing so you can regain and thrive too.