Dr. Nika White helps maximize people’s and organizations’ effectiveness, potential, and capacity. Her overall praxis and scholarship are in organizational development, specifically focusing on systematically operationalizing strategic and intentional efforts that foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). She maximizes people’s and organizations’ effectiveness, potential, and capacity through optimized systems and culture. This holistic approach centers on an organization’s most essential asset – its human capital.

The heart of Dr. White’s work is at the intersection of organizational development and industrial psychology. She systematically moves people and organizations toward change for better results. To ensure the alignment of goals and objectives for sustainable transformation, Dr. White relies on her extensive experience in marketing communications.

Dr. White is an international authority and fearless amplifier of all things DEIB. As an award-winning management and leadership consultant, keynote speaker, published author, and executive practitioner for DEI efforts across corporate, government, non-profit, and education sectors, she helps organizations break barriers and integrate DEIB into their business frameworks with a human-centered approach. Her work has led to her designation by Forbes as a Top 10 D&I Trailblazer. Over my 20+ years of leadership, she has worked with hundreds of organizations and managed millions in business assets for clients.

Dr. White frequently presents keynote speeches and nationwide presentations on team engagement through belonging, organizational leadership, strategic diversity, and intentional inclusion. Her talks bring a mixture of expertise, passion, vision, and authentic style to create holistic takeaways for audiences.

Dr. White is an award-winning management and leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and author, including her latest release, Inclusion Uncomplicated: A Transformative Guide to Simplify DEI, published by Forbes Books.

As the founder and lead principal consultant of Nika White Consulting (NWC), a full-service boutique DEIB consulting firm, she led a team with the mission of making DEI practical so that organizations can shift systems to cultivate a culture of belonging and go to the next level of the DEI journey.