Taurea Vision Avant is an entrepreneurial powerhouse that has significantly impacted the world of books and coaching. In 2019, she founded Book Profits Club™, a game-changing initiative that helps speakers and coaches leverage their books for enhanced exposure and experience. Recognizing the power of books to reach wider audiences and establish authority, Taurea created a supportive environment for individuals in these fields to thrive.

Not one to stop at success, Taurea expanded her influence in 2022 by launching Author Allstars™ Magazine. This magazine has become a valuable platform for authors to showcase their work, featuring inspiring stories, expert advice, and essential resources. Through these ventures, Taurea fostered collaboration and provided a supportive community for authors, amplifying their growth and visibility.

Taurea’s dedication to empowering others through books, coaching, and community-building has earned her respect and admiration. In fact, she has helped more than 6,000+ people become authors and generated more than $10,000,000 in sales success with her BPC clients. Book Profits Club™ and Author Allstars™ Magazine testify to Taurea’s trailblazing spirit. Taurea’s ultimate mission is to impact the lives of 10,000,000 men and women in mind, body, and soul.