Louis Cook hails from Silver Springs, Maryland, where her love for football was ignited during her childhood. It was the first sport she ever played, and it quickly became her passion. Her journey in football took a significant turn at Clark Atlanta University, where she was frequently spotted with a football in hand, engaging in impromptu games of catch with friends and strangers alike. Her natural talent and dedication to the sport did not go unnoticed, leading to her recruitment as the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Leopards. Lois’s journey didn’t stop there; she transitioned to the position of wide receiver and has played many seasons with the DC Divas. Her aspirations extend beyond the field as she is determined to make a difference in women’s sports, working tirelessly to increase visibility and opportunity for women in football.

Lois’s life is equally vibrant and full of activity off the field. She is the proud mother of four boys, each adding joy and excitement to her life. Lois expresses her creative side through making TikTok videos, painting, crafting, and shooting pool. Her adventurous spirit is evident in her love for trying new activities and exploring new places. Through her achievements in football and her dynamic personal life, Lois is breaking barriers in women’s sports and inspiring others to pursue their passions with determination and courage.