Kyra Rénel is the founder and Managing Consultant of The Kyra Company, LLC, an operation, and business development-focused consulting firm. She is an author, speaker, and consultant with highly developed strategic and analytical skills and the ability to train and implement on multiple levels. Kyra has established the ability to identify opportunities for profit protection and increase efficiency within an organization’s infrastructure, leveraging people, processes, and profitability.

Kyra Rénel is an award-winning corporate and non-profit management leader with exceptional customer service & operational management skills and expertise in operational leadership. She is an effective communicator with a knack for developing cohesive and productive teams. She is experienced in the development of both processes and policy. Kyra’s cross-functional experience provides a broad-spectrum approach to addressing opportunities within an organization, creating a delicate balance between people and the process. Kyra has been partnering with Alchemy Consulting since 2018.

Kyra is Chief Operations Officer at Whitley Neal, a technology and healthcare-based risk and solutions management firm. She drives the design and implementation of business operations, strategic human capital management, learning and training solutions, and project management. Kyra Rénel is skilled in delivering strategic methodology and establishing buy-in as needed, leveraging her ability to develop a network and operate as a collaborative leader. Kyra’s transparency and understanding of the necessity to cultivate alliances and resources internally/externally lend themselves to creating loyal and committed partnerships.