Monique Nelms, the epitome of a ‘Girl Boss,’ is the visionary founder of the thriving online consignment store, A Daily Diva. A Howard University alum, Nelms embodies the essence of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey, which began in the bustling wards of a local hospital where she worked as a registered nurse, is a testament to the power of passion and determination. Her love for fashion and design led her to pivot to the world of luxury retail, a decision that was not without its challenges. Monique’s educational experience at Howard honed her life and customer service skills, and it also ingrained the importance of quality connections, benefiting from the university’s expansive network of alumni. Her philosophy is clear: own your life and brand confidently, a trait she deems indispensable for any entrepreneur.

At A Daily Diva, Monique has created a platform where each client feels special, not just through exceptional customer service but also through access to high-end luxury brands like Balenciaga, Fendi, and Versace at affordable prices. This success story is a testament to Monique’s business acumen and her commitment to making luxury fashion accessible. Transitioning fully from nursing in 2017 to dedicate herself to her business and family, she faced the challenge of balancing professional demands with her personal life. Monique advocates for simplicity in style, advising against excess accessorizing and suggesting that a genuine smile is the best accessory one can wear. As a leader, she continues to inspire with her pragmatic approach to business and steadfast commitment to her values, making her a true icon for inspiring ‘girl bosses’ everywhere.