Jess Poulin is a powerhouse in Public Relations and Event Production. After cutting her professional teeth at leading PR firms, she founded Woke Media in February 2018, quickly becoming a monumental voice of innovation and diversity. With a profound commitment to the betterment of Black and Brown lives, gender equality, and social justice, Jess’s agency stands out not just for its client roster- which spans C-Suite professionals to disruptors in Health + Wellness, Hospitality, Music, Fashion, Tech, and Live Events- but for its dedication to meaningful change. Her leadership has not only guided Woke Media to feature clients on prestigious platforms like Forbes, TIME, and the Today Show. Still, it has also fostered a culture that celebrates and uplifts women, particularly in business and media.

In late 2020, amidst global upheaval, Jess launched the ‘High On Feminism’ podcast, which by 2023 had blossomed into a comprehensive empowerment brand. With its roots in the podcast series, this platform has expanded into a dynamic web presence and live events, all aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs and advocating for safe, informed cannabis consumption among women. Jess, a Vermont native who moved to New York City in 2009, graduated from Manhattan College with a BA in Communications. Through her ventures, Jess Poulin has shaped the narrative around women’s roles in business and media and crafted a legacy of impactful storytelling and community support.