Ebony Porter-Ike is a prominent Executive Producer, Publicist, Entrepreneurial Maven, and Author in business and entertainment. With over 15 years of solid business consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies in mergers, acquisitions, energy, public sectors, and entertainment, Ebony has solidified herself as the guru in assisting new start-ups through comprehensive marketing plans and strategic, realistic objectives for exponential company growth. Her clear and precise view of business has allowed her to broker deals for reality shows, large-scale entertainment productions, fashion events, national hair shows, and building the brands of industry megastars.

With an MBA in International Management and a Six Sigma Black Belt certificate, Ebony has successfully guided new product development projects offshore to provide maximum return for her clients. Her experience is unparalleled and unique. Ebony has been featured in business magazines, journals, and blogs and has spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences. She has received multiple awards for her exemplary Public Relations & Business work. Ebony is revered in the industry as the “Guru of Business” with her creative skills in helping new and existing brands maximize their market share. Ebony is also the author and founder of Coinology™: The Series, the Coinology™ Program, and Coinology™: The Podcast. Ebony has dedicated her life to her passion for assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful by living their truth. This is the premise of the programs, events, and the EPIConference™.

Ebony has a genuine passion for storytelling and a strong desire to identify the lack of thought that provoked stories while correcting the “truth” many believed. She has also worked on several television projects and was the catalyst for evolving Fox Soul’s CheMinistry from a live panel to a groundbreaking digital platform. Through her decade of leadership within the publicity industry, Ebony noticed a lack of thought-provoking stories that corrected the “Truth” that many of us believed.  Ebony set out to create an entertainment company to highlight the mistruths we have been told and educate humanity as a whole. As a publicist, Ebony has a natural gift for storytelling and a passion for bringing thought-provoking projects to life. These natural gifts inspired her to diversify her storytelling methods. Inspiration eventually turned into execution as she grew into an Executive Producer role, thus creating Ebony Eyes Entertainment. Under her creative direction, Ebony Eyes Entertainment matriculated from an idea to an ever-increasing production roster. In November 2022, Ebony executively produced the groundbreaking and notable  NBCUniversal documentary “Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies.”  Ebony is currently expanding Ebony Eyes Entertainment’s focus to include true crime and scripted content. With several television and film projects under her belt, Ebony continues to be one of the industry’s most highly sought-after and highly respected creators.