Bershan Shaw is a titan in the world of transformation- a living testament to the fierce power of resilience and ambition. As the CEO and founder of the URAWarrior app, she carved a niche at the intersection of technology and personal empowerment, propelling her to the forefront of mental wellness and business coaching. From the chemotherapy room to the helm of a million-dollar enterprise, Bershan crafted her life’s narrative and sculpted an indelible impact with her “URAWarrior Method.” This innovative approach has galvanized over a thousand leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs, captivating nearly half a million people at live events and inspiring millions worldwide. Her dynamic presence has electrified audiences alongside giants like Tony Robbins and Pitbull, and her staunch advocacy for women’s empowerment led to her appointment as a U.S. Ambassador by Women of the World (WOW) in 2018.

Bershan Shaw embodies the unstoppable spirit of a warrior; her story is one of audacious and transformative triumph. Confronted with a dire stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis and a prognosis of just three months to live, she chose defiance over defeat, crafting the bedrock of her unyielding philosophy- never give up. Today, she spearheads the “Unstoppable Warrior Women Movement” and the “Pledge 15” initiative, rallying women to support one another in scaling new heights of business and personal success. A regular feature in media giants like ABS, NBC, and Forbes, and the voice behind the hit podcast “Buckle up with Bershan” on UBNGO, Bershan Shaw continues challenging the status quo and igniting transformative action. Her life and work are a clarion call to all who seek to remake their fates, proving that the fiercest battles breed the bravest warriors.