Reagan Flowers, Ph.D., is an innovator and early pioneer in enrichment education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). She is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization CSTEM, which has impacted over 50,000 students in the United States and Latin America through yearlong problem-solving challenges and competitions in the STEM disciplines. After ten years of teaching and counseling students, she fused an insatiable thirst for knowledge with a solutions-based approach to develop CSTEM in 2002 as a program to support teachers and students. She has authored two books, The CSTEM Challenge: A Feeder Pattern Approach to Reaching All Students through Hands-on Project-based Learning and CSTEM Pedagogy: Your Guide to Project-Based Learning, that has helped bring her program’s successful methods to life. Dr. Flowers has received numerous recognitions, been featured in U.S. World News, has been nominated for the World Innovation Summit for Education award, sits on several boards, and links her success to education, an iron will, and a strong faith. Now approaching ten years, through CSTEM, Dr. Flowers provides support services to teachers and students through an eight-month systemic change model that strengthens STEM learning. Dr. Flowers has created an organization that meets the educational needs of schools and takes into account the sociocultural dynamics that prevent teachers and students from successfully engaging in STEM enrichment. She has implemented a model that integrates learning, holds teachers accountable, develops teacher content knowledge, exposes students to STEM competition, creates STEM education pipelines (feeder patterns), and connects classroom learning to the workforce. In closing, Dr. Flowers continues to focus her outreach efforts on areas that assist schools in providing life-changing STEM experiences for teachers and students.