Sadé Muhammad, the Director of the Representation & Inclusion Partnership at Forbes, is making waves in media and business. Her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion has been a driving force behind some of the most significant changes in the industry.

As a Black woman, she has faced countless obstacles throughout her career. However, her determination and resilience have enabled her to overcome these challenges emerging as a leader in her field.

At Forbes, Muhammad is focused on developing strategies to increase diversity and inclusion in the media industry. She understands the power of representation and is committed to ensuring that all voices are heard. She is helping to create a more equitable and inclusive society through her work.

Muhammad’s approach is rooted in empathy and compassion. She understands that change cannot happen overnight and requires a collective effort. She works closely with individuals and organizations to create meaningful and lasting change, and her efforts are already paying off.

Under Muhammad’s leadership, Forbes has launched several initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion. The Representation & Inclusion Partnership, which Muhammad directs, is a groundbreaking program that provides training and resources to media companies and individuals interested in increasing diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Muhammad’s work has not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized for her contributions by numerous organizations and publications, including Black Enterprise, which named her one of the top executives in diversity and inclusion.