Dear CORE 100 Committee Members:

I’m humbled and grateful to see what a simple thought has manifested into over the past month. As a man seeking to serve and one who expects miracles, I listened to God’s whisper when He downloaded a vision in me to illuminate Black Excellence. Yet, the CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today addition to the CORE Multimedia Group brand is now established only because of the work of you. Having thought alone or having the mind of one would not be enough to bring such a powerful and impactful educational tool to mainstream media. My thoughts became a reality when the CORE 100 Committee was assembled. I want to personally thank and express my sincere gratitude to you — my friends Dr. Deborah Stroman, Melita Pope-Mitchell, Royce Kinniebrew, Camille Shipman-McQueen, JR Gamble, Jim Bloom, Dale Lamar, Holly Chervnsik, and Bridget Romo.

Your commitment to excellence was the driving force that brought this simple thought to fruition. One of the blessings I’ve gained from spending a lifetime in team sports is valuing the core strength that comes with teamwork. Well, I could not have asked for a better team than our cohort. Your expertise, tireless efforts over a short period of time, and commitment to helping CORE Magazine be a beacon for transformational impact has made the CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today issue a historic publication.

So, I publicly write to personally thank you for serving on the CORE 100 Committee. As you know, this project was not an easy task because there were so many deserving nominees. I want to express my appreciation to you for reviewing the candidates and to those contributing writers for their award-winning journalism. I am sure that you all agree that our collective efforts yielded a great outcome for this inaugural issue. Once more, this triumph was only possible through your commitment of time and effort, which is especially notable given your daily leadership in your personal and professional activities.

I express my thanks for your faithfulness to the values and mission of the CORE brand. I’m humbled and grateful to have such a dynamic team. I look forward to learning and sharing with you in the future.

Bo Porter
Founder and CEO
CORE Multimedia Group

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Bo Porter has more than 27 years of MLB experience as a player, coach, manager, front office executive and broadcast analyst. He is a proven leadership coach for high-profile executives and elite leaders in the sports industry. As a business development consultant, Bo provides tangible value by helping companies improve profit margins, and he’s a change agent for organizations looking to enhance, reboot or pivot their strategic plan. He understands the value of team building, the challenges facing athletes when they transition to life after sports and the value add of transformational leadership. Known as the “Coach of Champions,” Bo has coached, mentored, guided and influenced countless others to reach their full potential en route to championing their lives. Using his vast professional experiences, Bo has developed a holistic platform and become a force for all that is good. He’s the founding president and CEO of CORE Magazine, a digital and print-on-demand quarterly periodical reaching millions of growth mindset readers in business, sports, leadership, philanthropy and marketing.

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