The quote “success leaves clues” by performance coach and popular motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, is a phrase that represents an important strategy for those seeking to make a difference. That is, winners are disciplined, make the most of opportunities, and lead by example. You watch them and learn because they “walk the talk.” The inaugural 2021 CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today selection team wishes to acknowledge the founder and visionary of CORE Multimedia Group, Bo Porter, as one who presents to us many outstanding characteristics of success. We applaud Bo for his commitment to excellence by way of the creation of a media platform that celebrates the goodness of prominent and unsung champions in Business, Philanthropy, Sports, and Leadership. The opportunity to identify and choose those African-Americans who over the past years have touched lives through their impactful service work was no easy task. We are grateful for and inspired by the hundreds of nominations for the CORE 100 as it reflects the excellent efforts by so many courageous people in our communities who have created opportunities and inspiration in the midst of a pandemic.

Bo, in his most humble and inclusionary way, provided our team the occasion to lift up those Americans who are having this tremendous impact. Thus, it is important for us to acknowledge him as our first CORE 100 selection. His success on the field, in the nonprofit world, and as a businessman, provides us with all the evidence or clues needed to confidently name Bo as a pioneer for others to emulate and call upon. From his baseball development program for youth, parents, and coaches to his MLB broadcasting and advocacy for Blacks in sports, Bo’s influence exemplifies the heart of a champion. He is encouraging and appreciative of those who work alongside him. Our team is confident and convinced that his leadership will continue to be a difference maker for years to come.
Please join us as we salute Bo and the CORE 100 Most Influential Blacks Today!

— The CORE 100 Committee