As an anti-racism educator, DEI consultant, speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, and writer, Janice Gassam Asare helps businesses and institutions develop interventions to make the workplace more equitable. Much of her work focuses on anti-racism and anti-blackness, how these manifest in and out of the workplace, and strategies to remove systemic barriers that perpetuate harm. Janice is a PhD-trained Industrial Organizational psychologist whose dissertation focused on hiring bias. She strives to use my knowledge, experience, and research to strengthen organizations, foster understanding, and healing, and provide guidance on creating safer spaces for all employees.

Janice founded BWG Business Solutions, an award-winning consultancy helping organizations grow stronger through diversity, equity, and inclusion. She guides consulting, training, workshops, speaking engagements, and panels. Some topics she focuses on include Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace, Creating an Anti-racist Workplace, Creating Safe Spaces for Black Women at Work and A Conversation about Hair Bias.

Janice was selected to give a TEDx talk on Emotional Intelligence. She also collaborated with several companies and institutions, including Google, PBS, Simon & Schuster, Nordstrom, PayPal/Venmo, Amazon, Yale University, H&M, and many more.

Janice is also the host of the Dirty Diversity podcast, where we discuss all things DEI. I am the author of a forthcoming book and have written two Amazon bestselling books, DIRTY DIVERSITY and THE PINK ELEPHANT, which can be found under the links tab on my LinkedIn profile. She has also authored more than 400 articles in Forbes.