Hailing from Jamaica, Dr. Tanya Clarke is an accomplished MBBS graduate from UWI. She is recognized as the top of her class with both pre-clinical and clinical accolades. Graduating with distinction marked Dr. Clarke as the first woman and second person ever to do so. Notably, she was honored to be the Valedictorian at UWI’s 50th anniversary.

As a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Clarke’s passion extends to mentoring, lecturing, and coaching, underlining my commitment to shaping the future of healthcare professionals, patients, and the medical field at large. With over 25 years of medical experience, she specializes in diagnosing and managing a broad spectrum of medical conditions.

Dr. Clarke’s approach to patient care is grounded in preventive medicine and patient-centered care, striving to offer compassionate, evidence-based treatment. She believes in empowering patients with a robust understanding of their health, equipping them to lead active, healthy lives.

In education, Dr. Clarke is driven to inspire and cultivate the next generation of healthcare professionals. Her commitment lies in imparting deep knowledge, nurturing critical thinking skills, and instilling a lifelong passion for learning in my students, residents, and fellows.

Dr. Clarke’s contributions to the field of Internal Medicine include significant research, publications, and presentations, ensuring that my practice and teaching remain current with the latest medical advancements. Alongside her clinical and educational roles, she’s been actively involved in charitable work and served as the Medical Director for the Jamaican Football Federation, Amateur Athletic Association, and the Racers Track and Field Club.

While at the University of Miami, she held several key positions, including Phase 3 Lead for 4th-year medical students, Sub-Internship Director, and member of the Executive Curriculum and Dean’s Diversity Committees. She also had the privilege of being the inaugural local presenter for the Hospital Medicine Grand-rounds.

Her membership in the Society of Black Physicians focused on increasing the recruitment and retention of black faculty through mentoring and support. Currently, she presides over the South Florida Chapter of the UWIMAA.

Above all, Dr. Clarke’s mission is to deliver value-based care to vulnerable communities, aiming to narrow the disparity in healthcare. Her ultimate goal is to make quality healthcare accessible for all.