BreAnna Boyd, founder and CEO of FeedWells, is a certified dietary manager and food protection professional. She leads a nationally recognized organization dedicated to tackling food insecurity by providing nutritious, locally sourced meals and educational initiatives focused on student health. BreAnna’s journey in nutrition began in her teens, finding strength in fitness to navigate life’s challenges; she steered towards studying nutrition and founding 15md Wellness—a meal prep service for high-profile clients, including the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.

FeedWells emerged from her commitment to using nutrition to serve the community and drive change for future generations. With a communication background, BreAnna fosters team connections and ensures the pursuit of FeedWells’ mission. Her leadership extends to building efficient teams and maintaining hands-on involvement to address industry challenges effectively.

Under BreAnna’s leadership, FeedWells has made significant strides in revolutionizing child nutrition. Their efforts extend beyond providing meals; they aim to influence legislation to enhance child nutrition resources globally. Through FeedWells Cares, the organization’s non-profit arm, they have been instrumental in educating the community about healthy eating. A notable achievement includes partnering with the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South to provide 20,000 meals daily during the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching over 120,000 students.

FeedWells is not just about providing meals; it’s about engaging with the students and the community. They host tastings and panels and have a school food council that actively involves students, staff, and parents in their mission to end child hunger. This engagement is not just a formality; it includes taste tests and surveys for students to choose their preferred meals, ensuring their voices are heard and met with provision.

Outside her professional life, BreAnna is an avid chess player and traveler, committed to seizing life’s moments. Her future aspirations include advocating for child nutrition globally.