Arvia Few, a visionary, emerged at a pivotal moment in the narrative of Black families and relationships. She founded DOTTIE during a global pandemic that has highlighted challenges, inherent biases in technology, and shifting cultural landscapes. This bespoke matchmaking service and social club, tailored specifically for young Black professionals, is a testament to her leadership and dedication. A Howard University alum with a rich background in Business Administration, she spent over a decade honing her skills in sales and marketing at prestigious corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Honeywell. Her life, enriched with 25 years of family building and philanthropic endeavors, is a testament to her commitment to nurturing strong, resilient Black families.

Driven by the maturation of her children and their journeys through personal development and professional achievements, Arvia’s mission to bolster the foundation of the Black community has become ever more imperative. The essence of her work with DOTTIE goes beyond simple matchmaking; it is about fostering a network that supports career advancement, community involvement, and personal growth. Arvia fervently believes in the potential of young Black professionals. She is not just creating matches but weaving a tapestry of relationships pivotal for collective success- success that she believes is possible and deserved by every individual she serves.