Renee Jefferson Smith is a portrait of service and leadership painted on the broad canvas of Hoston’s vibrant communities. Born and raised in the Acres Homes Community, Renee absorbed the values of hard work, compassion, and community service from her grandparents. From a young age, she was hands-on in helping others, whether feeding people experiencing homelessness alongside her grandmother or offering clothes to a foster care classmate. These formative experiences not only shaped her character but also solidified her lifelong commitment to uplifting those around her, a commitment that continues to inspire and make her community proud.

Renee’s professional career began ambitiously in the corporate sector, where she excelled as a Regional HR Manager in the Oil & Gas industry for over a decade, a role that honed her skills in managing and empowering people. Evolving from a corporate to a community-focused mission, Renee channeled her energy into entrepreneurship and direct service. She launched her own business, which soon became a hub for empowerment and enrichment programs, significantly impacting her community by creating job opportunities and fostering local talent. Her leadership shone brightly during the challenging times of Hurricane Harvey, where she led the Northeast Alliance of Hope, establishing crucial distribution sites across the district. Her regular initiatives, like the Annual Cemetery Clean-up, her service on multiple boards, including the mayor’s “Complete Community Initiatives” and the College of Health Care Professionals, where she contributes to enhancing healthcare education and neighborhood service.  Recognized as a “Harvey Hero” and honored with her day by the city, Renee’s dedication is a powerful example of heart-led leadership in creating sustainable change.