Born and raised in north Minneapolis, Demitrea Kelley’s innate talent for leadership was evident. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in law and society from Purdue University, later completing a master’s degree summa cum Laude in business administration with a focus on healthcare Administration.

Kelley began her career as a healthcare advocate focused on policy change and health equity. There, she proved instrumental in drafting and passing several impactful bills. Notable among those were measures promoting research and funding for sickle cell disease in adults in the state of Indiana and, most recently, 4 million dollars towards ensuring access to coverage for 1.5 million people in Minnesota.

She subsequently served as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leader and coalition director for a prominent legal-aid nonprofit organization that provides Minnesotans with free legal services.

Demitrea is known for her progressive policy initiatives, particularly those focused on health equity, housing, criminal justice reform, and social and economic equality. Kelley is the creator and founder of The Love Tour, a champion for sickle cell awareness, research, and education. She has raised thousands of dollars for sickle cell anemia. This blood disorder causes red blood cells to break down and lack oxygen, causing a painful crisis that is predominantly minorities and other causes affecting communities of color. Kelley plans to combine her advocacy work in the US and Africa with her passion for impacting change by starting her nonprofit in public health policy.

She focuses on civic engagement, youth development, and critical health issues within her community. Volunteering at voting sites, on various Congressional Campaigns, and the Marion County Election Board helped her immerse herself in the political climate. As a guest teacher with youth, specifically high school students in Marion County, she utilized her ability to influence the youth and encourage them to create realistic goals and follow their dreams.

As a parent advocate for Sickle Cell Disease, Kelley volunteers on multiple event committees, including the Sickle Cell Patient Advisory Board, Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative Annual Walk/Run, and Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill. Healthcare is essential to her, as she studied health issues and disparity in urban and rural communities.

The former Miss Black Indiana USA is also a professional model and host and was named one of Indy’s Who’s Who of young women of color 30 and under. She is an international speaker and missionary who hopes to inspire the next generation of leaders. She joins other trailblazers and innovators in her community to support the youth, champion change, and engage in civic leadership.