Sally McMullin’s transformative journey on Instagram, launched in March 2023, has redefined the narrative of Women’s History Month. Through her groundbreaking series, “Black Women We Should All Know About,” Sally has meticulously curated and spotlighted the pivotal contributions of Black women whose legacies have often been dimmed by the shadows of mainstream American history. From Marian Wright Edelman, the first Black woman to pass the Mississippi Bar, to Mary Kenner, an inventor whose innovations have revolutionized women’s health, Sally’s campaign honors those icons and amplifies the extraordinary impact they have had on our society. Known as an angel-on-earth to many underprivileged, under-resourced school-aged children, Sally’s life’s work has commenced with serving as a mentor and Executive Director of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides educational support and resources to underprivileged children. Sally led with a heart of love and compassion by providing direction and inspiring students to dream beyond their circumstances.

Beyond merely recounting achievements, Sally’s series has sparked a movement of empowerment and appreciation. Each post illuminates the exceptional lives of Black women who championed significant change in the world. Through Sally’s diligent and passionate storytelling, she continues to cover and celebrate the undervalued histories of Black scientists, leaders, athletes, and more. As she expands her focus to include narratives like those of pioneering Black farmers, Sally McMullin is not just recounting her story; she is inspiring a future where the contributions of Black women are acknowledged universally and esteemed as an essential part of the American story.