At the helm of Color Du Jour Studio in Houston, Texas, Alaina Johnson has meticulously carved out a niche that merges her artistic flair with savvy business acumen. As a former 7th-grade science teacher, Johnson leverages her educational background to transform her studio into more than just a beauty destination; it’s a learning center where makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike can hone their craft. Her unique business model includes themed, hands-on makeup classes that cater to a broad clientele, including celebrities, and empower participants by imparting practical beauty skills. Johnson’s approach, which celebrates individuality with each brushstroke, resonates in the beauty industry, setting her apart as a leader in artistry and entrepreneurship.

Balancing her roles as a business owner, mother, and wife, Johnson infused her family values into every aspect of her business, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere beyond the studio. Her journey from education to entrepreneurship exemplifies a seamless pivot to a passion-driven career, garnering global attention. With an impressive roster of clients and a portfolio that spans international borders, Johnson’s success at Color Du Jour Studio is a testament to her innovative vision and dedication. This integration of creativity, education, and personal care not only enhances the natural beauty of her clients but also solidifies her standing in the competitive landscape of the beauty industry.