Dear Champions,

It is an absolute honor and pleasure to welcome you to the premier issue of CORE Magazine.

Unlike any other publication, you are reading content that speaks to championing every facet of life. Both a digital and print-on-demand publication, CORE Magazine delivers engaging stories that uniquely target our well-read, diverse audience of business owners, sports enthusiasts, forward-thinking leaders and those who want to make a difference in the lives of others through their philanthropic platforms.

With our valued readers in mind, CORE Magazine promises to provide keen insight into the grit, fortitude and mentality embodied by those who have championed their lives through life’s peaks and valleys. What CORE Magazine will not be is a place where personal opinions overshadow the stories of the champions we are showcasing. You can find that in most magazines, and this publication is anything but common.

As you can imagine, it’s been challenging to launch an only-of-its-kind magazine amid a global pandemic that took the healthcare sector by storm, triggered a stay-at-home order, altered the landscape of our economy, halted all sporting events, moved our educational system to a virtual platform and forced us all to adapt to a new normal with little-to-no notice. During that same time, racial tensions spiked, riots ensued, social issues took the spotlight and 2020 elections inched closer. Against that backdrop, I made it a priority to focus on the strategy, timing and topics that will ensure this publication’s journey from CORE Magazine’s office to your hands.

Human emotions are tied to opinions and beliefs, and you have my commitment, along with that of this magazine’s exceptional writing staff, that we will put ourselves in our readers’ shoes to respect a wide range of emotions, opinions and beliefs as we write every word. For example, I’ve included in this issue an article on a hot topic, and I’ve done so as a Black man who has felt the sting of discrimination and also as a champion who has seen the goodness in people of all races, ages, backgrounds and beliefs. I’m confident the citizens of this great nation are ready to enact positive change together. Let’s walk the talk!

Before you jump into the articles, I want to share with you the origin and intention behind the magazine’s name. CORE is an acronym for Champions Of Real Excellence. We are grounded in sharing the views, perspectives and stories of champions. Our mission is to use CORE Magazine to shine a bright light on all that is good, bring to light some of the disheartening truths and provide actionable solutions that support transformational change to lift up humanity.

Please use our website as a resource for articles written by our all-star team of contributors and also check out the “Special Report Stories.” Each quarterly magazine will have six featured stories: APEX of Business, APEX of Leadership, APEX of Sports, Ball2Business, ME2me and Champions4Causes. You won’t want to miss a single story.

Remember: CORE Magazine is more than a magazine; it’s a pathway forward to your champion life. I am elated to be furthering the mission of Bo Porter Enterprise with the launch of CORE Magazine and look forward to being a major media source for millions of readers and viewers.

Here’s to the champion in you,

Bo Porter