Pinch-Dash-Done is a new company introducing A Gateway to Flavorful Recipes to audiences of all ages to help with mindful and uncomplicated menus and recipes. The story behind this concept came during the shutdown of 2020. There was an outpouring from the owners’ social media family and friends for positive stories and ideas. Vernita Harris and Beatrice (Bea) Moore, two college friends, decided to share recipes and menu suggestions in their posts. Their family and friends looked forward to easy recipes and creative ways to spice up meals during this period. A revival of cooking is one of the positive residuals of the shut-in/lockdown and stay safe initiative. People need food to survive, and we were providing simple ideas to enhance mealtime. Your palate will travel via Tex-Mex, Italian and Caribbean influences throughout the book.

A Gateway to Flavorful Recipes is geared to support the diverse needs of individuals and families needing quick, easy ideas to mix up the palate, novice cooks who may doubt their culinary skills, seasoned cooks looking to spice up their repertoire of recipes, and the health-conscious that crave substance and flavor. This easy to follow cookbook will be great for all ages, from elementary school to seasoned citizens!

Bea and Vernita are both community advocates. After watching the negative impact on the food supplies during the spring of 2020, they felt compelled to find a way to serve the community and address food insecurity on a long- and short-term basis. Subsequently, they decided to invest their stimulus checks into the creation of Pinch-Dash-Done. Their desire for this cookbook is to serve as a vehicle to provide funding to the following institutions that directly impact food insecurity.

Founded in 1982, Houston Food Bank is America’s largest food bank in distribution, leading hunger relief in 18 southeast Texas counties. Donations from sales of Pinch-Dash-Done will help with addressing the short-term issue of food shortages. For more information on Houston Food Bank, please go to

Both authors are proud alums of Prairie View A & M University where they met during the spring semester of 1976. Established in 1876, Prairie View A&M University is the second oldest university in the state of Texas. Because of its agricultural and mechanical focus, Bea and Vernita plan to establish a scholarship endowment to assist students that are economically challenged in safeguarding a quality education. The newly created scholarships will support students majoring in Agribusiness to promote domestic and international food systems and supply chains. These donations will contribute to the long-term plan of overcoming food insecurity. For information on Prairie View Agricultural & Mechanical University, please go to

Bea and Vernita are most proud of their showcasing the talents of 11 small businesses and helping them get back on their feet during COVID- 19.

The book will be available on Amazon in October. For more information, visit