July, 2020

The Spoken Words of Leadership are About HOPE

Today more than ever, we need a leader to provide HOPE – Helping Other People Excel. People are willing to stand beside, behind or even risk their lives and stand in front of a leader who serves up HOPE for those he or she is charged with leading. This article is one of the ways I choose to serve up HOPE for today’s leaders as they endeavor in Helping Other People Excel. In September 2012, I was named Manager of the Houston Astros. It was an APEX moment in my career. I was 40 years old and At the Pinnacle of EXcellence (APEX) for […]

Why Marketing Is The Key To Sustainable Business Success

Businesses without marketing strategies may save money, but they operate at a distinct disadvantage. Why companies, businesses and entrepreneurs market in CORE Magazine CORE Magazine is more than a publication with articles and illustrations covering business, leadership and sports. Our REal business is marketing! We help businesses grow by turning words and graphics into clients, customers and sales. The digital editions of CORE Magazine are released quarterly and formatted identically to our print versions. While it’s possible for a company to sell products directly to the public, using marketing tactics increases product awareness and makes the product visible to a […]

Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams and Listen to the Gestures of Your Dreamers

Hey Champions, Are you a dreamer? Have you acted on your dreams? Do you have dreamers all around you but haven’t taken the time to listen? I’m a dreamer. When I was nine years old, I dreamed about playing Major League Baseball. When I was 10 years old, my South Ward Little League All-Star Coach, Bill Hicks, confirmed my dreams when he said, “Bo, one day, you will play Major League Baseball.” With my sites set on playing Major League Baseball, I began practicing and playing with an extreme level of focus that I credit to the encouraging words of […]