Walk Beside Me by Christine Handy, is a fictional novel based on the inspiring experiences of a cancer survivor.

One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer will face extreme illness, loss of hair, and often loss of their breasts, leaving them with both physical and emotional reminders or their illness once they recover. These are realities that every breast cancer survivor faces, including Christine Handy.

Christine takes her own experiences and utilizes them to present an inspiring fictional read in Walk Beside Me. Based on Christine herself, the story’s protagonist Willow Adair has her picture-perfect life as a model, wife, and mother, turned completely upside down when she begins to face major health issues. Beginning with a routine colon operation going wrong and culminating with a breast cancer diagnosis, Willow becomes so depressed by her struggles that she contemplates suicide. Through the support of her friends and family, Willow’s spirit begins to lift and she finds the strength to continue her journey to recovery.

Handy addresses all of the tough topics that come with a breast cancer diagnosis, from fear and doubt to self-image and depression. Providing a sense of camaraderie and support to all women suffering with cancer and other health issues, Walk Beside Me is the relatable, uplifting read that women in recovery need.

Christine Handy is a wife and mother living between Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. She has two amazing sons whose devotion through all her illnesses continues to humble and astound her. Christine is a writer, speaker, and former professional model. Christine’s family has been a rock, a comfort, and a blessing during hard times. In the immortal words of Princess Diana, “Family is the most important thing in the world.”

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