As the Senior Director of Workforce Strategy, Diversity, and Strategic Alliances for Major League Baseball, William T. Rolack Sr. has used his position to help diversify and strengthen the league’s workforce. He ensures that everyone has equal opportunities to excel regardless of race or background. His dedication to this cause has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the Black Enterprise Business Report, WMHT’s New York Now, and Newsday, to name a few.

William’s impact extends beyond baseball and into the realm of professional development and mentorship. As the president of the NAAAHR Greater New York Chapter, he has provided countless individuals with the guidance and support they need to succeed in their careers. He has also served on the national board of directors and as a member of the Executive Board of the Urban League of Long Island.

William’s commitment to education is also evident through his work as an adjunct professor at the State University of New York Brooklyn Economic Opportunity Center and as a guest speaker for various organizations, including the Columbia University School of Business and the National Society of Black Engineers. He currently serves on the Graduate and Adult Enrollment Advisory Board for Marist College.

William’s contributions have been recognized by many, including the Long Island Business News, which honored him as a 2008 honoree, and The Network Journal Magazine, which named him a 2007 recipient of the “40 Under Forty” Award. He has also received a proclamation from the New York City Council for his work as a mentor and professional coach.

In a world that is often divided, William’s work in promoting diversity and inclusion serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity.