Rodney Bullard decided to attend college at the United States Air Force Academy because they had a solid football program. He set a goal to become an All-American. When a knee injury ended his pursuit of playing on the gridiron, he went on to achieve All-American status in something else—a mock trial. In a recent episode of the Corporate Competitor Podcast, Bullard shared that while he learned many lessons about the leadership at the academy, one stands out. It took place amid all the noise and chaos of basic training at the Air Force Academy when one of the upper-level students approached Bullard and said, “Cadet Bullard, I do not have to yell at you because you are yelling at yourself on the inside. This is about correction.” At that moment, Bullard realized, “I understood that he cared about me and my development. When I got the opportunity to be an upperclassman, I knew it would be important not to yell at someone or push them but to develop them. That shaped how I would lead for the rest of my career.” The shift in Bullard’s aspirations from football to mock trial paved the way for him to attend law school at Duke and serve as an Assistant United States Attorney and White House Fellow before moving into the corporate world. Today, he is the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility for Chick-fil-A.