As you walk into Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 10, you can feel the presence of a judge who is not just there to preside over cases but truly cares about the people who walk through those doors. That judge is Juanita Jackson, a proud product of Houston’s public schools.

Juanita’s academic and social excellence was evident from an early age, and it continued to shine as she attended the University of Alabama. As a black woman, Juanita faced challenges and obstacles but persevered, developing leadership and management skills that would serve her well in her future career.

After completing her BA in Criminal Justice, Juanita’s career took a turn toward higher education, where she excelled in managing residential areas at the University of Alabama and the University of Houston. But her drive for justice led her to attend law school, despite the challenges of juggling multiple jobs and raising a family.

Juanita’s hard work and determination paid off as she became a well-respected attorney in Harris County’s criminal courts. Her dedication to representing indigent citizens led her to join the Harris County Public Defender’s office, where she worked for five years before starting her law firm, The Jackson Law Group.

Juanita’s passion for justice doesn’t stop at her work as an attorney. In 2016, she became a reality TV star on WE TV’s “Sisters in Law,” where she showcased her legal expertise and her commitment to empowering women.

Juanita Jackson is not just a judge but a role model, mentor, and advocate for justice. Her presence in Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 10 is a reminder that the justice system can and should be a force for good and that the people who enter that courtroom are deserving of respect, dignity, and a fair trial.