Joshua LeBlanc is not your average financial advisor. As a former baseball player turned wealth management expert, he brings a unique perspective and approach to his clients at Morgan Stanley.

LeBlanc’s journey to financial advising began on the baseball diamond. He played for Southern University and was drafted by Anaheim Angels. While his baseball career was promising, LeBlanc knew he needed to plan for his financial future beyond the sport. After retiring from baseball, LeBlanc pursued a career in finance. He began working as a Global Sports and Entertainment financial advisor with Morgan Stanley.

LeBlanc’s experience as a professional athlete gives him a unique perspective on financial planning. He understands the importance of setting long-term goals, managing risk and creating a diversified portfolio. He also knows the economic challenges of a sudden influx of wealth and the importance of having a solid financial plan.

But LeBlanc’s expertise goes beyond sports finance. He is committed to helping all his clients achieve their financial goals regardless of their backgrounds. He works closely with each client to create a personalized plan that considers their unique needs and circumstances. And he understands that financial planning is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so he adapts his strategies to suit each client’s needs.

LeBlanc’s commitment to his clients goes beyond just financial planning. He is also dedicated to giving back to his community. LeBlanc’s unique background and expertise make him a valuable asset to Morgan Stanley and his clients. He proves that a successful career in finance is not limited to those with traditional financial backgrounds. With hard work and dedication, anyone can pursue a career in finance and make a difference in the lives of others.