Dawn Monique Edmond is the CEO of Enid-Books Corp., a Publishing Company that provides premium ghostwriting, editing, and publishing services. Enid assists its Authors in every aspect of the writing process to ensure their books are well-written, meticulously edited, and published. Enid is dedicated to helping Authors through every step of the publishing process.

Enid-Books Corp is the publisher for teen author DasiaVu Edmond – Uniquely Made, Girls Don’t Play Football, Hair Chronicles, The Struggle of Natural Hair, and Color Explosion Activity Book. Author Bryant Ali, When a Father Fails, and Author R.T. Williams, P.I. 75: Murder in Olongapo City.

Dawn formed Enid-Books to self-publish her 1st book, Till the Break of Dawn. In Till the Break of Dawn, she tells the story of how she received a phone call from the family of an ex-boyfriend informing her that he had suffered a massive stroke and had been hospitalized. Although he couldn’t talk, he managed to relay to them that he wanted her. They contacted her, and despite their failed relationship, she went to him. She details how God gave her an assignment to care for him and how He covered and protected her while He used her. Dawn’s extraordinary story of how God gave her the strength, patience, and endurance to complete the task is the quintessential narrative of life – the perfect intersection of humor and heartbreak – the process.

Dawn is also the Author of Bridging the Gap, a collection of heartfelt stories exploring the wounds of intergenerational conflict between a parent and a child. The journey from pain to understanding is explored while reconciling the void birthed by misunderstanding, fragmented relationships, and the Co-Author of When A Father Fails. She assists Pastor Bryant Ali in sharing how his “shortcomings” manifested in his life and his relationships with his children. Pastor Ali hopes he can get at least one “Failed Father” to change direction while he still has the chance. Edmond’s passion for sharing stories leaves a lasting mark on future generations.