Dana Canedy, a trailblazing African American journalist and author, became the first Black person to lead the publishing giant Simon & Schuster. She has made an indelible mark during her two years at the helm, attracting top talent to the editorial department and improving the imprint in innumerable ways.

Canedy is best known for her memoir A Journal for Jordan, which was adapted into a movie by Denzel Washington, with Canedy serving as co-producer. She is working on a sequel to the book, which Simon & Schuster has acquired the rights to and will publish in 2024. Canedy’s departure is a loss for the imprint. Still, her decision to focus on her writing is a testament to her dedication to storytelling and the power of the written word.

Canedy’s impact on the publishing industry is significant, and her role as a Black woman leading a major publishing imprint is particularly noteworthy. Her hires and acquisitions have been celebrated and criticized, but she has always stood by her decisions and remained committed to bringing fresh perspectives to the industry.

As she departs from Simon & Schuster, Canedy leaves a legacy of excellence and a commitment to amplifying diverse voices. Her departure may be a loss for the imprint, but her writing and storytelling will continue to inspire and move readers for years. We wish her the best of luck on her next chapter, and we eagerly anticipate the release of her upcoming book.