Ashley Christopher is where education, advocacy, and entertainment collide.  A force in her own right, Ashley Christopher is paving the way for Black youth to succeed.  Christopher draws from her life experiences as a young stroke survivor and celebrates how far she’s come as an attorney, CEO, and Founder of the HBCU Week Foundation. Never seeking recognition for giving back didn’t stop this powerhouse from receiving the Doing a World of Good Medal of Honor and the Delaware State University Community Impact Award.  

The lack of diversity in her educational journey until college left a lasting impression on Christopher.  Determined to make a difference, she founded HBCU Week Foundation.  The purpose was simple: encourage people who looked like her to enroll in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, where they would be welcomed and taught how to navigate corporate America.  It was a difficult task, but Ashley was up for the challenge.  To date, HBCU Week Foundation has raised over 50 million dollars for scholarships and curated dozens of events to ensure that black youth know higher education is an option.  The world took notice and landed her some of the most significant partnerships, such as Bank of America, Capital One, the American Chemistry Council, and the NFL, to name a few.  

Nothing brings her joy more than being a mother to her son, Ryan.  Ashley commands the audience with her dissertation about letting your child(ren) be an inspiration to your success rather than a deterrent.  She is wholly committed to reshaping the discussion around motherhood.  She is inspiring mothers around the globe to discover their gifts, passion, and purpose to unlock the joys of life.  

A fashionista in her own right, she puts together looks with ease.  Her style is the perfect mix of high-end luxury, streetwear, and bold colors, so it only made sense to start her apparel collection, scheduled to launch at Super Bowl Weekend 2023.  Ashley Christopher has used her expertise gained from being at the front line of adversity to help people navigate their dreams and further Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity initiatives globally to shift the culture forward.  Look out for new projects in Spring 2023.