Aaron Judge is one of the most recognizable names in baseball today. As a towering presence at 6’7”, Judge stands out on the field and has quickly become a dominant force to be reckoned with. But there is much more to Judge than just his physical stature.

Born and raised in California, Aaron developed a passion for baseball at a young age. He excelled in the sport as he went on to play for Fresno State University. There, Judge began to garner the attention of professional scouts and was by the New York Yankees in the first round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

Since then, Judge has achieved great success in the league. He would make his major league debut in 2016 and quickly distinguished himself. During his rookie season, Judge set a new record for the most home runs in a single season by a rookie, blasting an incredible 52 long balls. He finished that season with a spot on the American League All-Star team and the runner-up for the AL MVP Award.

In the years since his debut, Judge has continued to perform at an unprecedented level. He has earned two more AL All-Star selections and has played an invaluable role in the Yankees’ push for the World Series title. After the 2022 season, The New Yankees resigned Judge to a nine-year $360 million contract and was named the 16th team captain, the Yankee’s highest honor. Judge’s impressive defensive abilities and raw power make him a true superstar of this generation.

But Judge’s impact extends far beyond the dirt of the diamond. He has advocated for social justice and used his platform to raise awareness for issues such as racial injustice and police brutality. His philanthropic generosity pours into community outreach programs such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to provide opportunities for the next generation.

Aaron Judge is much more than just a baseball player. He symbolizes strength and perseverance, a leader on and off the field. As he continues to make his mark in the baseball world, we can all look to him as an example of what it means to be a true champion.