Ron Washington has a genuine and infectious nature that has proven to connect with players developing their skillset and love for the game. As a former professional baseball player, Washington had the opportunity to suit up as a backup infielder for several Major league organizations with a career spanning 1977-1989. A man praised for his instructional methods and player-friendly mentality, Washington became a coach in the New York Met’s system upon retiring from Triple-A ball in 1990. Transitioning his expertise into a managerial role, Washington went on to serve as a first-base, infield, and third-base coach, developing All-Star talent for the Oakland A’s. He is credited with significantly improving players such as Scott Hatteberg, former MVP Miguel Tejada, and the six-time Gold Glover Eric Chavez. He challenges players to fully engage in their development process, allowing them to take ownership of their failure and success.

In November 2006, Washington would become the Texas Ranger’s first African American manager in franchise history. He would continue to break barriers leading the Rangers to a win over the Tampa Bay Rays in their first ALDS 2010 victory. He would also advance the Ranger’s into the franchise’s first World Series appearance on a hot streak. Washington is one of three African Americans to manage a team into a World Series in Major League history. The following year, Washington would continue building on the Ranger’s success returning to a second World Series. As the Ranger’s skipper, he would earn a franchise record of 664 wins, including four consecutive 90-win seasons and two pennants. In 2016, Washington would get the opportunity to return to his grassroots third-base coach position with the Atlanta Braves. His unique leadership style and magnetic personality helped craft his first World Series Championship win as the third-base coach for the Braves on November 2, 2021.