Janice Workcuff, the Executive Director of Angels Surviving Cancer Inc., is a purpose-driven and huge advocate for those currently battling and surviving breast cancer. She has been a leader in forming an organization that collaborates with the medical community to offer compassionate care and financial assistance to those in most need. As a 33-year survivor, Workcuff advocates for the needs of her fellow sisters through making phone calls, joining them at their appointments, and spreading the word for improved healthcare and more clinical trials. She collaborates with the medical community and other individuals to raise awareness about breast health.

Workcuff spends tireless moments attending continuing education courses to keep the Angels’ membership updated on the latest advances with breast cancer. She truly stands in the gap by going to survivors’ homes, explaining their pathology reports and all the information the physician has given them for their journey through treatments. Workcuff tirelessly offers her support at the bedside of women who are experiencing breast cancer, helping them lead a better quality of life and live productive. She is also a Peer Counselor.

She is involved with many prominent organizations, including the American Cancer Society, MD Anderson Cancer Center Network program, Celebrating Life 2 Foundation, and the Susan Komen Foundation, whose goal is to raise funds and wage war against this disease. She served as Sisters Network Inc. Houston Chapter President for several years. Janice participates in the “Race for the Cure walk” each year. Her actions have been recognized by the Houston Chronicle, various television and radio shows, and have led her to receive numerous awards for her work in making a difference in the healthcare community.

Her earliest award is in 2013, with the Transformation and Triumph Community outreach Annie Lewis from Celebrating Life Foundation. In 2014 she received several awards such as a special contribution Award from Caribbean, the Breast Cancer Group and Proclamation from Missouri City, Texas City Council for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Health Education Leadership Programs Help Magazine Outstanding Community Service Award. In 2015 she was given the Celebration of Life Foundation Community Partnership Award. She was honored-2017 National Minority Initiative in recognition of your commitment and contribution to reducing cancer health disparities in the African American Community, 2018 Honored by Health Award Houston Woman of Professional Business Women, Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer, and She’s Happy Hair.

By praying with her sisters and ministers to their families, among other acts of kindness, she offers comfort, compassion, empathy, and sympathy with words of encouragement to better support her sisters. Her mission is to raise awareness for this silent killer through speaking engagements, educational resources, counseling, and hospice guidance.