Dr. Estrelita Bruce, also known as Dr. E is a licensed professional counselor associate (LPC-A), Christian life coach, author, TEDx, and international speaker. Dr. Bruce received a Certification in Christian Counseling and a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. She has recently graduated with a second master’s degree in Science in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate currently providing professional counseling services under the supervision of Dr. Stacia Alexander. Dr. Bruce has gained experience with counseling and life coaching since 2005.

Dr. Bruce has utilized her expertise to become the Founder & CEO of A NEW ME, LLC (ANM, LLC), located in the Dallas Fort Worth area providing Christian life coaching and consulting services. ANM, LLC has a mission to provide Christian life coaching services that help individuals experience and maintain mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and success. ANM, LLC educates, encourages, and equips individuals with tools and resources to support self-care, experience transformation, and seek emotional wellness.

For over 16 years, Dr. Bruce has provided services as a compassionate counselor who enables and creates safe and non-judgmental spaces where clients have the freedom to grow at their own pace. She specializes in trauma-informed care, grief/loss, self-care, and stress management. She’s also worked with clients who have issues related to depression, anxiety, self-esteem, major life transitions, women’s issues, and career/purpose challenges.

Dr. Bruce is passionate about helping others transform traumas and losses into opportunities for personal growth, healing, and purpose. She has provided her expertise to faith-based and mental health organizations, corporate settings, and community events. She’s also hosted a mental health conference, provided educational workshops/seminars, and created a Self-Care Circle women’s group.

With a repertoire of knowledge to pull from, she is also the author of multiple books, including her memoir, “My Journey Towards A NEW ME: A Memoir of How I Turned Trauma & Loss into Opportunities & How You Can, Too.” As expressed in her novel and shown in her practice, Dr. Bruce is most proud of being a wife to her amazing husband, Brian, and a mom to their beautiful daughter, Kori. Her many accomplishments and recognitions cease to compromise her work. Every day, Dr. Bruce does not become complacent. Instead, she continues to motivate and guide others to be their best selves. Her impact has reached many lives and shifted those individuals on a better path, which they are proud of.