Elizabeth Leiba has spent more than a decade in higher education, guiding her students in subjects such as literature, history, instructional design, anti-racism/DEI, and advocacy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to her expertise as a professor, Leiba has been named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Education; co-hosts the highly-reviewed podcast The EdUp Experience; and founded the Black History & Culture Academy, a platform committed to building “awareness of the demands of the ever-changing diversity, equity and inclusion landscape, [through] a firm foundation in the US historical origins of systemic racism.”

For eight years as the Director of Instructional Design and Innovation, she has gained experience developing and deploying college online courses creating a visionary approach to online learning for more than 1,000 students at a small career college in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Leiba is also the Founder and course developer for Black History & Culture Academy. This is a subscription-based, unlimited access, and e-learning platform with 40+ self-paced courses on African history and literature, African American history and literature, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In 2020, she was named LinkedIn’s Top Voice for Education. Leiba published a Social Justice Advocate Op-Ed piece with CNN as well as a featured interview in the New York Times. Her Forbes Magazine interview was published in December 2020, TIME Magazine interview published in October 2021 and another Op-Ed piece with NBC in November 2021. She is a Member of the Inaugural LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program as of January 2022.

As a multimedia journalist, Leiba created Black Power Moves, her podcast on EBONY Media Covering Black America Podcast Network. Every week, her show dives in with guests to inform the masses about Black culture, empowerment, entrepreneurship, and history. Guests include Black tech leaders, college presidents, community leaders, trail-blazing business and social entrepreneurs, educators, and cultural icons. Also, Leiba launched a website, Black Women Handle Business, a place for Black women entrepreneurs and professionals to network, collaborate, and share resources. The site is also a centralized place to support Black women-owned businesses and provide services to amplify their missions. Leiba once said, “Learning Black history changed my life, and that’s why I became a social justice warrior,” her passion is apparent in her work and imperative to the advancement of Black people.