Dr. Renee Denise Fowler’s passion in life is to leave a lasting impact on the world. As an award-winning Author, International Speaker, Media Personality, Pastor, Entrepreneur, and Life Transformation Strategist, Dr. Fowler wears many hats. As she operates across the various platforms, her mission is to inspire, motivate, and challenge people – to move forward in their lives, no matter what they’ve encountered.
More than just a motivational speaker, Dr. Renee is an emPOWERment speaker! With a unique, savvy style, audiences feel inspired and have practical tools and actionable steps they can take to help them improve their lives.

Dr. Fowler specializes in helping people gain the right and clear perspective to live their best lives. With expertise in spiritual development, leadership development, change management, crisis management, performance management, and executive coaching – she leaves no stone unturned in aiding others to reach their full potential. Whether working with a client one on one as a private coach, with a team, or an organization that is transitioning to tremendous success or from trauma/crisis to a place of courage and heart, she gives practical, solid, and empathetic advice on how to leverage every aspect of life and use it for good. Dr. Fowler teaches others to push beyond their limitations to create different results in their life. Using applied principles such as faith, determination, and resilience, Renee’s clients, mentees, congregants, and partners have become the best version of themselves, able to offer their gifts to the world, achieving results far beyond initial expectations and perceptions.

A seasoned orator, Dr. Fowler has been featured on numerous television and radio programs. She captivates audiences at conferences, workshops, clinics, and religious services. Equally comfortable in corporate and religious environments. Dr. Fowler’s expertise lies in crisis counseling, domestic abuse issues, personal development, and spiritual equipping. Dr. Fowler is the creative mind behind the YouTube Series Dr. Renee Speaks and PROVEN. PROVEN features experienced, successful, iconic, and unstoppable individuals in their areas of expertise. She sits down with her guests to share their journey while encouraging her viewers to become “proven too.”

Dr. Renee Fowler is most at home sharing faith-filled, empowering messages as the Senior Pastor of Destiny Pointe Christian Center (a non-denominational multi-cultural center for faith, hope & restoration). She has a genuine desire to see everyone fulfill their God-given potential by walking in their purpose. Whether advising CEOs or speaking at conferences, Renee challenges individuals to open their minds and unlock their full potential.