Daymond John, known as ‘The People Shark,’ is a successful entrepreneur, designer, investor, author, television personality, and motivational speaker. Hailing from the city of Brooklyn, New York, John grew up in the middle-class neighborhood of Hollis Queens. His participation in a high school work-study program, he credits, would drive his entrepreneurial spirit. Born to Caribbean parents, John’s mother would nurture his business mentality and creativity, teaching him to sew in the basement of their home. John would enlist his childhood friends in the development of the clothing company FUBU (For Us By Us) in 1992. The brand would begin by selling $8 hats at local concerts and neighborhood festivals, and John would undoubtedly be key in the development of the streetwear market. As John began to break into the fashion industry, to make ends meet he would work full-time shifts at Red Lobster and develop the FUBU brand between shifts. FUBU would expand its fashion line by including the popular fashion-forward trends of the times, garnering support from professional athletes to hip hop legend and neighborhood friend, LL Cool J. While shooting a promotional campaign commercial for the Gap, LL Cool J would catapult FUBU into nation-wide stardom. John’s stewardship and impeccable style has earned FUBU over $6 billion in global sales. 

While the success of FUBU would cement John as a fashion mogul and celebrity, his wit and charm as an investor on the television show ‘Shark Tank’ would expand his entrepreneurial reach. Now in its 12th season, Shark Tank has afforded John the opportunity to personally invest over eight million dollars, providing the same opportunity he was given by his mother – a chance. Compelled to share his life lessons, successes, and failures, John has written four books and has been named to the New York Times Best-Selling Author’s list. John’s commitment to encouraging entrepreneurship was recognized by President Obama as he was named the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. Although John has struggled with dyslexia since childhood, John has overcome his affliction using it as a catalyst for his public speaking career. John’s dynamic and energetic presentations captivate audiences from organizations like General Mills, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Yale to name a few. John’s leadership has awarded him such honors as the Brandweek Marketer of the Year and Ernst & Young’s Master Entrepreneur of the Year. As the CEO of the brand consultancy, The Shark Group, John continues to stake his claim in global brands and businesses.