For over 13 years, the dynamic leader, change agent, and visionary, Martine DeVoe has garnered an impressive career path that looks perfect on paper and even better for those she has helped. With a people come first mindset and the confidence to succeed, DeVoe has implemented human capital solutions that integrate diversity and inclusion in these environments that desperately need change. Working with the world’s largest corporate brands, she has developed a consistent track record for positively impacting employee relations. In return, her contributions effectively position organizations for success. Building and leading high-performance leaders have played a major part and continue to promote her career advancement. At 32 years old, the University of Phoenix graduate took the initiative to begin her long journey, and now at the forefront of human resources leadership, her strategic approach to launching critical global HR initiatives cemented her position as a leading Human Resources Strategist. 

 DeVoe’s accelerated human resources career began in 2014 as the Human Resources Specialist with Morris Communications. Demonstrating a deep desire combined with hard work to fully commit to understanding federal, state, and local regulations, her impact unknowingly caught the attention of her managers. Within a year, she led the charge in providing multi-state human resources support to over 400 employees from coast to coast. 

 Throughout the next six years, DeVoe surpassed ambitious career goals while shattering performance expectations at multiple Fortune 500 companies. Prior to her current role, DeVoe found herself employed as the Sr. Human Resources Business Partner. At General Dynamics Information Technology, she provided support to a $3 billion dollar program for the Office of Intelligence and Homeland Security which serviced 600 employees. After observing her division’s attrition rate, she was challenged by her VP to complete a nearly impossible task. Proving herself capable and executing her initiative flawlessly with the help of her six-member team, her accomplishment led to pioneering an all-inclusive career pathway program, ultimately saving on cost-per-hire, while retaining top talent; therefore, allowing the organization to maximize profits. 

With only seven years now under her belt, her HR experience granted her the opportunity to become a trusted advisor in her current role with tech company Snapchat, as Sr. Human Resources Business Partner. Previous to this role, DeVoe was with e-commerce giant, Amazon, as Sr. Human Resources Business Partner. DeVoe is professionally regarded as an Employee Relations expert; she seamlessly and effectively bridges the gap between corporate leaders and over 1,000 associates while forging relationships that foster trust and brand loyalty. 

Remaining true to her values and the initial reason for choosing her career path, she will always be a voice for the voiceless. Oftentimes, working as the only Black person in her department, it reminded her why she so desperately sought to create change in the work environment. Reaching beyond her organizational leadership roles, in hopes of making her desires become a reality, DeVoe has sat on several human resource boards to give back to communities. Most recently, she sat on the Northern Virginia Society for Human Resources Management Board of Directors as the Community Relations Chair. Her willingness to share her expertise has resulted in her facilitating Resume and Interview Workshops, offering resume critiques for recent graduates, and serving as a distinguished guest speaker for local colleges and universities. Through DeVoe’s volunteer work, she realized there is a major need for workforce readiness, and career development, as a result, she will be launching her Career Coaching business in 2022. 

DeVoe will continue to be an advocate for the underserved and continuously fight for fair and consistent practices within the workplace and in her community. Using her platform to implement change speaks to her character. Her success does not strip away the person she is at her core; instead, she utilizes her credibility to provide others with the opportunity to make a living for themselves. Spreading that knowledge inspires individuals like her who share the same identities. Her authentic influence is positively impactful as it shows up in the workplace and in her day-to-day life.